What Is

Sustainable Agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture is a way of producing healthy food, fuel, and fiber in a way that does not harm our environment. It involves caring for our workers, respecting animals, providing a fair wage to the farmer, and supports and enhances our local Eastern Pennsylvania community. Eating sustainably means understanding the issues and knowing the people who grow and sell your food, fuel, and fiber.

Safest Green Technology

Integrated Crop Management

At Newhard Farms we use the safest green technology available. Our soil fertility program is based on regular soil testing, applying nutrients only as necessary to maintain a healthy productive soil and support optimum crop growth while protecting the environment from over application of nutrients. Every farm we operate has an approved NRCS conservation plan. Most of our crops are grown using no till or minimum till methods to prevent erosion and conserve the soil for generations to come.

Our fields are soil tested yearly and any nutrients removed by the growing crops are replenished following harvest. We also practice diverse crop rotations, which enriches the soil and helps prevent disease and pest outbreaks. We are also blessed with an abundant supply of fresh water for irrigation purposes of our sweet corn. This guarantees every kernel is as plump and sweet as it can possible be. All sweet corn grown on our farm is non GMO.

Freshest Quality Produce

Supporting Local Farmers

Eating locally grown food, when ever possible, ensures you are purchasing food of the highest nutrient value, and of the freshest quality money can buy. All local produce sold at our market is grown within a few miles of our store. Of course, the sweet corn which we are extremely proud of, is grown in the fields surrounding our market. The Newhard Family has been farming in the Lehigh Valley since about 1900 and with your continued support, we’ll be here for generations to come.