Premium Quality Sweet Corn

Don and Joel Newhard are very meticulous about the growing of sweet corn sold at “The Corn Shed.” We take a lot of extra steps in the growing of our Premium Quality Sweet Corn. It starts in the fall of each year.

  • In the fall: We soil test the fields, add the proper nutrients and plow the earth.
  • In the winter: We decide which varieties of white and bi-color sweet corn our customers liked the best and what new varieties we want to try.
  • In the spring: we work the soil and plant the seeds as soon as the soil dries out. We even cover several acres with plastic, to “speed up” the plants maturity, which allows you to enjoy our sweet corn on the 4th of July.
  • In the summer: We continue planting every 4-5 days until about July 15th. This way if Mother Nature cooperates, we will have corn for sale from about July 1st, to September 30th. We irrigate our sweet corn throughout the growing season to ensure that each kernel grows to optimum quality. As the corn nears maturity, we are constantly taste testing and examining each variety, to determine the exact time for picking. When the time is just right, we pick our sweet corn early in the morning when the dew is still on the ears. Immediately after picking, our corn is bagged in our distinctive green and white mesh corn bags, and then placed in our cooler, to lock in the early morning freshness for our customers throughout the day.

We honestly believe our Premium Quality Sweet Corn is the very best tasting corn in the Lehigh Valley! If you agree, tell your friends, if you don’t agree, tell us.